Thursday, September 24, 2009

Racist Amerika

Senator Jeff Sessions:

KKK members are nice people unless they smoke pot.
By Patrick Osio

Racists deny being racists because they don't see themselves as such, unaware they are typical products of their environment. Take Alabama Senator Jefferson (as in Jefferson Davis president of the Confederate states) Sessions – born and raised in Alabama by parents also born and raised in Alabama from a line of ancestors tracing back to the early 1880s. Sessions was born into racism, baptized and confirmed as he grew up and through family and peer experience absorbed racism disguised as pure and true patriotism and true Americanism. To Sessions that all people are not equal and whites are superior is an inherent acceptance of fact, not racism.

An insight to his state of mind, Sessions was credited with making the public remark that he knows a lot of KKK clansmen and they are "nice people" the only problem he had is that some smoke pot. Not that they had a long history of lynchings, murders, terrorism, beatings, burning homes, and numerous other heinous criminal acts. To Sessions his religious beliefs made smoking pot more serious than the other acts he grew up witnessing that to racists are natural and normal – not racism.

The difference today is that the political atmosphere has made it mandatory for political racists to alter their vocabulary abandoning certain words, phrases and even actions. African Americans can no longer be the direct and public targets of their inherent repugnant rhetoric or unconstitutional legislation.

As the political landscape changed on Sessions, attention was switched from black Americans to the growing other significant minority that has overtaken all other minorities in size and growing influence. The emergence of the Mexican-American, now referred to as Hispanic or Latino (Chicano in some circles in California) grew in size, influence and power, racism began to zero in on the new "enemy."

But like with black Americans, Sessions and his peers can no longer directly attack US citizens of Hispanic ancestry, so they found a proxy – illegal immigrants who had by invitation first of agricultural growers, followed by numerous other industries looking to pad their profits by hiring low wage, non complaining and devoid of rights labor force has become the racists easy proxy. Their aim is to create animosity within the non-Hispanic community against Hispanics whatever their US status may be to suppress and hopefully even to rid them from the country.

For racists this is heaven – they can attack Hispanics in an effort to hold them down, simply by attacking illegal immigrants. The attacks are vicious, ferocious, inhuman, sadistic and often violent. They appeal to the dark side of the human soul justifying themselves wrapped in a blanket of "patriotism. " Sessions is a major part of this movement, sadly he sees himself as a defender of the nation.

Because of Sessions inherent racism belonging to a section of society that still today believe, truly believe, that the Confederate South was right, that they did not cause the division of the nation, that they were not the cause of the million deaths in the Civil War battle fields, that theirs was the inherent right to slave ownership, that black human beings were not human and that members of the KKK are nice people, it has not been difficult to transfer those evil feelings to the emerging minority, which Sessions must so truly believes is inferior and not really American.

Racists twist the concept of the basic national moral principle that is such a vital part of America – all men are created equal as well as free – into a totalitarian arrogance preaching equality belongs only to those of "my race, my religion, my political views and my social position"

To the racist allowing more "illegal immigrants" (or even legal) from brown skin countries is a path to losing control so they band together to "stop them at the border" and those already here, are not to be allow under any circumstances to gain legal status. They use whatever means to accomplish this as in their mind the nation is in peril just as their beloved Confederacy was lost - there will not be another surrender at Appomattox.

Senator Sessions is not the only one in the Senate or the House who is an old school racist, sadly there are far too many of them, egged on and supported by several million Americans across the country.

But the vast majority of the people of the United States, including millions from the South, are not of this disposition, as neither are the majority in elected or appointed positions of authority. But the racists are fighting for their last breath – and make far more noise than the weight of their ideas merit.

The debate on immigration reform based on what is best for the country, not necessarily what is best for the immigrants, must be undertaken without Senator Sessions and his other racist peers being allowed to dominate the discourse, as their actions only represent the interest of racists and racism.

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