Friday, July 24, 2009

Bolivarian Movement

Call for the Constitutive Congress of the Continental Bolivarian Movement

by Coordinadora Continental Bolivariana CCB

As in the internationalist heroic deed of Ayacucho, the people of our America have started again the process towards their second independence and social emancipation, which demands more unity, more coordinated struggles, more integration of their transforming forces and a common revolutionary strategy of all of them.

The formidable liberated resistance against neoliberalism and the false-democracies of brutal processes of impoverishment and corruption of the State, turned progressively into offensive for the change and provoked sensitive but still limited modifications in the political map of the continent.

The turn towards the left, with different tendencies, profundities and rhythms, is an incontrovertible fact of the Latin - Caribbean present. It is an encouraging development although still seeming insufficient.

In more than a few countries of the region our peoples, who decided not to go on living under the social and spiritual whip of the dominant/ruling classes, which are compromised with neo-colonization and are responsible for treachery to the ideals of sovereignty, justice and freedom of our predecessors, heroes, have been raising the struggle.

The struggles for freedom have been difficult and complicated; because the will of change has been greater than the possibilities of realizing it in profundity and its due extension. Clarity of sight, consciousness about the nature of the crisis and its challenges and unified and integrally prepared organized forces to conquer the new challenges have been lacking; and beyond all unity has been missing in national and continental scenes and in consistent alternative proposals.

The Bolivarian Coordination of Continental (CCB), in its six years of existence, has done a persistent effort of providing answers to these requirements; and in this regard, we are proud to be a significant part of the regional coordination in spite of the fierce counter-offensive of the Right and of their tutors in Washington.

The advances achieved, nevertheless, have turned out to be insufficient as opposed to the strong requests of a situation characterized by its unexploited revolutionary potentialities and by the imperious demand of the necessity of continentalization of the revolutionary struggles.

Our America does not have a healthy future tied to the imperialist centers and determined by their spurious interests. Our bolivariano-guevarista project of a liberated Big Homeland would sink in chaos and barbarism if its national components do not definitely separate themselves from the dark future of capitalism/imperialism and do not go about their own way towards the sum of all sovereignties and towards a big certain, united, multinational and multiethnic, deeply fair, self-determined and joint society which favors, in words of the Liberator: "the biggest sum of possible happiness, the biggest sum of social security and the biggest sum of political stability”.

The grand crises of capitalism, beyond the calamities that cause the exploitation and impoverishment of people, are especially great opportunities for great changes.

And in this direction, since we need to give a jump start in quality and quantity, the CCB has decided to turn into an active facilitator and promoter of the Constitutive Congress of the Continental Bolivarian Movement; decided to resort to everything that has been accumulated in these six years of struggle and construction, to all its influences and sympathies and, beyond its own lines, to all the political, social and cultural forces of the revolutionary left(s), to all anti-imperialistic and anti-capitalist contingencies, so that together we give an answer to the challenges of unity and an alternative articulation, to the challenge of developing a big continental organization that unifies the revolutionary diversity; respecting its identities, but always sharing its collective proposals and its driving transformative actions to a continental scale.

The current systemic crisis of the world capitalism, the deepest of its history, tends to create a propitious period to stop being defeated to neoliberalism as the current form of capitalism and makes way for the socialistic transitions again.

The governments of the right and the institutions in which they are sustained will be exposed to strong political and social convulsions, and to sharp crises of governance.

The governments of the left and progressives are located to defend their achievements and to revert the effects of the world crisis by deepening the structural changes, socializing economies, properties, income and power; or otherwise, run the risk of succumbing to the assaults of potential fascists of the rights, the oligarchy and the imperialisms.

The peoples are facing a conjecture of life or death. We are at the edge of the “hour of the stoves”, as was saying José Martí, apostle of the Cuban independence.

In these circumstances it is unavoidable to tackle the alternative to capitalism in crisis from a Manifesto that discovers the causes of the dramatic situations that our peoples suffer under the capitalist rod, which defines the common axes of the liberating proposals of socialistic court and which could be accompanied by a unitary organizational line that contemplates the structures and mechanisms of the new Continental Bolivarian Movement, entrusted of helping to turn significantly the encouraging words agreed in liberating action.

Therefore, we propose to debate in this congress the content of the Bolivarian Manifesto for the Great Homeland and Socialism, and also the suggestion of structures and norms for this new internationalist space of strategic unity, gathering simultaneously the valuable programmatic legacy of the CCB.

We propose to do it with innovative spirit, with an open mind, touching the heart of all the revolutionary expressions sensitive to these requirements of the new times and to the big challenges of the world and Latin/Caribbean present.

There are opportunities that must not be obviated: we enter a singular period in the history of the humanity, in which its own existence is in question in terms more dramatic than the ones at the beginning of last century raised by Rosa Luxemburg: "Socialism or barbarism!”

The liberating campaign of Bolivar and of the big pioneers of our America and the legacy of the scientific property and human sensibility of Carl Marx and Friedrich Engels who spoke to us in the previous century knock insistently on the doors of this oppressed continent, hoping to be received and renewed by its authentic heirs.

An essential step to this end is to meet, full of enthusiasm and of knowledge, on 7-9 December 2009, at the Constitutive Congress of the Continental Bolivarian Movement that will take place in Caracas, Venezuela.

In Bolivar we all meet, for the Great Homeland and Socialism

Bolivar lives, the struggle continues!

For socialism, for independence, for freedom and for the new revolutionary myth of the 21st century we will embrace all.


Headquarters and Collective Presidency CCB towards the MCB

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