Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not Organized
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"The Revolution Will Not Be Organized"

The revolution will not be organized,
the revolution will not be, 
the revolution will not be Yahoo Grouped, Meetuped, 
downloaded, uploaded, QWERTY'd, or blogged. 

The revolution will not be handled by webmasters, 
think-tankers, authors of policy position papers,  
authors of anti-policy position papers,  
secretaries, executives, executive assistants,
insiders, whistle-blowers, informants, counter-informants,  
committees or sub-committees. 

Your neighbor with excellent leadership qualities  
will not lead you into, through, or out of the revolution. 
The revolution will not be inspired, instigated, managed  
or controlled by him, her, or them. 
The revolution will not be organized. 

No matter if you eat at McDonald's and can barely walk,
no matter if you drive an S.U.V. and rarely walk, 
no matter if you were public school indoctrinated,  
vaccinated, humiliated, ostracized, terrorized, minimized,  
no matter if you live in a house owned by BofA,
no matter if you eat cat food, dog food,  
Puppy Chow for your inner child,
no matter if you shop at Salvation Army, Saks, TJ Maxx, 
when the Cold Hand of Power touches you, it touches revolution. 

They will come to chip you, rape you,  
tell you you are theirs, imprison you in FEMA camps 
because you spoke out, 
because you doubted the official story, 
because you looked with your own eyes, spoke from your own heart. 
They will come for you in black uniforms, black helmets,  
swinging black batons, symbols of the New Authority, 
and you will say, 
"No, my children and I will not come with you." 

You will say no -- not because Charlie Sheen 
inspired you one night on FOX News 
to look more closely at falling towers. 
You will say no -- not because Alex Jones  
led you through the darkness with a bullhorn.  
You will say no -- not because Howard Zinn  
handed you the Book of Truth on a silver platter.  
You will say no because you are your own  star of truth shining the way.  

At your unique hour, in the dark,  
beneath a burning paper currency moon,
the Cold Hand of Power will touch you and revolt you. 

At your unique hour,  
when they come for you because you asked questions,
because you did not lower your eyes, 
because you did not bow down, at your unique hour,  
in your unique circumstance, 
you will find yourself in the grip of a courage  
you have not known but which you are. 
You will stand in front of black helmets with invisible faces,
and you will say, 
"No, my children and I will not come with you." 

Daughters and sons of revolutionaries,
blood burning for freedom,  
eyes set toward tomorrow, 
each of you alone in the darkness, 
beneath tender constellations burning gold and silver, 
each of you will remember the path to take 
when the Cold Hand of Power comes for you, 
each of you will make your way without direction or encouragement, 
as those before you made their way without direction or encouragement, 
forging history, embracing destiny. 

You will not march in file.  
You will not march. 
The revolution will not be organized.
In your darkest hour, 
beneath the burning moon, 
you will pledge allegiance to the truth, 
as those before you pledged allegiance to the truth. 

The truth cannot be organized.

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