Monday, April 27, 2009

Violence Types

Where The Violence Really Is
by P.K. Moon AHD, April 27, 2009

[In order to distungish between America, the whole of the continent, and the nation that took the word for itself, I will use the names, America and Amerika, to avoid confusion]

I read the flood of articles everywhere about the violence in Mexico. But never a comparison of types of violence and why. This is what is important if one wants to keep reality in place and not replace it with distorted truths laced with downright lies.

Of course there is violence in Mexico, what country does not have violence that has had a war set up in it? And now the Amerikans complain because the country they have created a war in has violence, so they want to make another war on them for that violence? Evil reasoning.

What Mexico has is illegal drug traffickers, and the military and judicial system, fighting each other. Both are well armed and well financed through Amerikan means and needs. When solving a problem, one should not battle the results, but examine the core, where it starts from. And this so called war, is only the end result and has nothing to do with correcting what created the problem in the first place. Amerikan addicts or those whose needs and rights are illegal.

That is one kind of violence. Here is another. A nation that wants to claim being the best ever with all the answers that has its own citizens turning against each other. Family, friends, business relations, strangers. They are shooting each other for bizarre reasons, like a people gone mad loosing all sense of morals. This is not a struggle fought for dominance over a trillion dollar industry, supplying Amerikans with drugs, which whole countries vie for. But a sickness, a terrible gap in humanity, an aberration. It shows the terrible mental state of Amerika to do such things as has been happening so recently. This is sick violence born of a broken nation of failed humans who allowed themselves to accept death and destruction as their right from a god made in their own image. This is the violence of rot and decay, not the violence of fighting back an oppressor who has invaded your nation on false pretenses and turned two sources against each other.

This violence in Mexico is wherever Amerika directs its attention the world over. Who can have what, and how to take it. It is not the violence of a deluded doomed nation turning on itself and doing crimes that shock the heart and mind. School children shooting each other, fathers killing their families, random maniacs suddenly going on a spree, and on and on, as one can witness from their headlines. This is a nation that thrives on violence, even for its entertainment. They are siding off against each other and collecting the weapons for it. Not one that has had violence forced upon it for the benefit of its criminal neighbor.

This is what the world should look at, Amerika, not Mexico. It is the disease of Amerikanism that needs to focused on as the major disaster and threat to our world yet. Mexico is being used for a distraction and a possible new war for profit. Those who spread the fear mongering and disapproval over Mexico are supporters of Amerikan lies and the disaster that their country has become. Do not believe what Amerika says about Mexico, anymore than you would believe Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. The belief in that is what enabled Amerika to further their atrocities there and ruin a nation and its people. Do not be part of doing this to Mexico. This is Amerikas creation, this war, this violence, and could be stopped by them. But they prefer to make a war of it to try to ruin a nation for their gain.

Compare these two countries, Mexico and Amerika. Mexico’s military does not go beyond its own borders, compared to Amerika. Mexico has a strong social and family structure, compared to Amerika where the violence proves this so. Amerika has terrible drug violence and crimes on every level there, compared to Mexico whose main violence is caused by a war caused by Amerika between two sources. Actually, there is no comparison because the differences are too extreme. One a nation collapsing, exhibiting every horror known to man, another nation on its shaky rise to better things interfered with by a country that is known for its interference and warmongering.

The people of Mexico are still the fine people they have always been, just trying to hold on until the great white shark to their north loses its grip. The world should realize to share the fate of the same border as Amerika is a very very hard position, and they are lucky to not have that added problem. It is Amerika that is the epitome of violence at its worse, permeated all thru their society and systems. It is what Amerika has always been about, violence, the use and sale of it. Do not pile the blame on Mexico because Amerika promotes that view if you do not want to be part of the attempt to destroy Mexico. Know better than to believe the headlines.

Amerika has a campaign of advertising crimes in Mexico and counting deaths daily, while acting like it has none of its own. What is revealing is to google the word 'shootings'.

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