Monday, December 01, 2008

Belly Of The Beast


After a recent discussion in the Furtherleft Chatroom about USA and it's citizens. I had to take time to do some personal reflections.

I have never felt an affinity to the US government. I know how corrupt and evil it is. The citizens of USA were a different story to me. To me they were poor misinformed people that had only to learn the truth, that they really wanted to do whats right and best for the world. After talking to some citizens; liberal, conservative, black and white, I must now admit I was wrong.

It was very easy to say the Europeans where just as bad. Or that evil was all over the world in many places, in many forms.

The simple truth is although evil may have many heads, it has but one body. That body, The Beast, is the USA, not just it's government but it's citizens as well. Even though the people are brainwashed 24 hours a day, 52 weeks a year; there is no excuse for them. As some one informed me, the information is available, and even if it wasn't, there are certain truths that are so self evident, they don't have to be proven to anyone nor taught to anyone. For these truths to be ignored, it must be intentional.

The citizens of the USA as all world citizens know within themselves these truths. They don't deny them, they just say we are the strong, the powerful, what are you going to do about it. This indicates to me they choose to be part and parcel with the Beast. They are the tree that grew from the root of capitalism and oppression, and as Malcolm X said, “ You can't hate the root and not hate the tree."

I am here in the belly of the beast. I will be here till I die. The belly is a good place for me. From the belly, I can give the beast indigestion or make it so weak with stomach virus, you on the outside can strike the mortal blow.

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