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American Insouciance

Will American Insouciance Destroy the World?

13/08/08 The neoconned Bush Regime and the Israeli-
occupied American media are heading the innocent world toward nuclear war.

Back in the Reagan years, the National Endowment for Democracy was
created as a cold war tool. Today the NED is a neocon-controlled
agent for US world hegemony. Its main function is to pour US money
and election-rigging into former constituent parts of the Soviet
Union in order to ring Russia with American puppet states.

The neoconservative Bush Regime used the NED to intervene in
Ukrainian and Georgian internal affairs in keeping with the
neoconservative plan to establish US-friendly and Russia-hostile
political regimes in these two former constituent parts of Russia
and the Soviet Union.

The NED was also used to dismember the former Yugoslavia with its
interventions in Slovakia, Serbia, and Montenegro.

According to Wikipedia, Allen Weinstein, who helped draft the
legislation establishing NED, told the Washington Post in 1991 that
much of what the NED does "today was done covertly 25 years ago by
the CIA."

The Bush Regime, having established a puppet, Mikhail Saakashvili,
as president of Georgia, tried to bring Georgia into NATO.

[For readers too young to know, the North Atlantic Treaty
Organization was a military alliance between the US and Western
European countries to resist any Soviet move into Western Europe.
There has been no reason for NATO since the Soviet Union's internal
political collapse almost two decades ago. The neocons turned NATO
into another tool, like the NED, for US world hegemony. Subsequent
US administrations violated the understandings that President Reagan
had reached with Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet leader, and have
incorporated former parts of the Soviet empire into NATO. The neocon
goal of ringing Russia with a hostile military alliance has been
proclaimed many times.]

Western European members of NATO balked at the admission of Georgia,
as they understood it as a provocative affront to Russia, on whom
Western Europe is dependent for natural gas. Western Europeans are
also disturbed at the Bush Regime's intentions to install ballistic
missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic as the consequence
will be Russian nuclear cruise missiles targeted on European
capitals. Europeans don't see the advantage of helping the US block
Russian nuclear retaliation against the US at the expense of their
own existence. Ballistic missile defenses are not useful against
cruise missiles.

Every country is tired of war except for the US. War, including
nuclear war, is the neoconservative strategy for world hegemony.

The entire world, except for Americans, knows that the outbreak of
armed conflict between Russian and Georgian forces in South Ossetia
was entirely due to the US and its Georgia puppet, Saakashvili.
Americans, alone in the world, are unaware that the hostilities were
initiated by Saakashvili, because Bush, Cheney and the Israeli-
occupied American media have again lied to them.

Everyone else in the world knows that the unstable and corrupt
Saakashvili, who proclaims democracy and runs a police state, would
not have taken on Russia by attacking South Ossetia unless given the
go-ahead by Washington.

The purpose of the Georgian attack on the Russian population of
South Ossetia is twofold:

To convince Europeans that their action in delaying Georgia's NATO
membership is the cause of "the Russian aggression" and that to save
Georgia from conquest Georgia must be given NATO membership.
To ethnically cleanse South Ossetia of its Russian population. Two
thousand Russian civilians were targeted and killed by the US-
equipped and trained Georgian Army, and tens of thousands fled into
Russia. Having achieved this goal, Saakashvili and his puppet-
masters in Washington quickly called for a cease fire and a halt
to "the Russian invasion." The hope is that the Russian population
will be afraid to return or can be prevented from returning, thus
removing the secessionist threat.

No doubt the Bush Regime can con the insouciant American population,
just as it did with Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, Iranian
nukes, and 9/11 itself, but the rest of the world is not buying it,
least of all Moscow, the Asia Times, and not even America's bought-
and-paid-for European allies.

Writing in the Asia Times, Ambassador M. K. Bhadrakumar, a former
career diplomat in the Indian Foreign Service, notes the
disinformation that is being peddled by the Bush Regime and the US
media and reports that "at the outbreak of violence, Russia had
tried to have the United Nations Security Council issue a statement
calling on Georgia and South Ossetia to immediately lay down
weapons. However, Washington was disinterested. "
http://www.atimes. com/atimes/ Central_Asia/ JH13Ag02. html

Amb. Bhadrakumar notes that the American and Georgian resort to
violence and propaganda has brought an end to the Russian
government's belief that diplomacy and good will can bring about a
settlement of the South Ossetia issue. If Russia wished, Russia
could terminate Georgia's existence as a separate country at will,
and there is nothing the US could do about it.

It is certain that the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia was a Bush
Regime orchestrated event. The American media and the neocon think
tanks were ready with their propaganda blitzes. Neocons had ready a
Wall Street Journal editorial page article for Saakashvili that
declares "the war in Georgia is a war for the West."

Faced with the collapse of his army when Russia sent in troops to
protect South Ossetians from the Georgian troops, Saakashvili
declared: "This is not about Georgia any more. It is about America,
its values."

The neocon Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., quickly called a
conference hosted by warmonger Ariel Cohen, "Urgent! Event: Russian-
Georgian War: A Challenge for the U.S. and the World."

The Washington Post lifted its skirts and spread wide its legs to
neocon Robert Kagen's war drums, "Putin Makes His Move."

Only a fool like Kagen could think that if Putin intended to invade
Georgia he would do so from Beijing, or that after sending the
American-trained Georgian army in flight, he would not continue and
conquer all of Georgia in order to put an end to American
machinations on Russia's most sensitive border, machinations that
are likely to eventually end in nuclear war.

That despicable whore, the New York Times, spread her legs for Billy
Kristol's rant, "Will Russia Get Away With It?" Kristol thunders
against "dictatorial and aggressive and fanatical regimes"
that "seem happy to work together to weaken the influence of the
United States and its democratic allies." Kristol presents a new
axis of evil--Russia, China, North Korea and Iran--and warns
against "delay and irresolution" that "simply invite future threats
and graver dangers."

In other words, "attack Russia now."

Dick Cheney, the insane American Vice President telephoned
Saakashvili to express US solidarity with Georgia in the conflict
with Russia and declared: "Russian aggression must not go
unanswered." Cheney's telephone call is like Great
Britain's "guarantee" to Poland against Nazi Germany. Only a
complete idiot would tell Saakashvili anything other than "to cease
immediately. "

What must be the effect on US Intelligence services and the US
military of Cheney's propagandistic and irresponsible statement of
US support for Georgia's war crimes? Does anyone really believe that
the CIA or any US intelligence service told the vice president that
Russia opened the conflict with an invasion? Russian troops arrived
in South Ossetia after thousands of Ossetians had been killed by the
Georgian attack and after tens of thousands of Ossetians had fled
into Russia to escape the Georgian attack. According to news
reports, Russian forces have captured Americans who were with the
Georgian troops directing their attack on civilians.

The US military certainly has no resources for a war against Russia
on top of lost wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a planned war with

With its Georgian venture, the Bush Regime is guilty of a new round
of war crimes. What will be the consequence?

Many will reply that having got away with 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq,
and with its preparations for attacking Iran, the Bush Regime will
get away with its Georgian venture as well.

Possibly, however, this time the Bush Regime has overreached.

Certainly Russia now recognizes that the US is determined to exert
hegemony over Russia and is Russia's worst enemy.

China realizes the US threat to its own energy supply and, thereby,

Even America's European allies, chafing under their role of
supplying troops for America's Empire, must now realize that being
an American ally is dangerous and has no benefits. If Georgia
becomes a NATO member and renews its attack on South Ossetia, it
must drag Europe into a war with Russia, a main supplier of energy
to Europe.

Moreover, if Russian troops are sent across European frontiers,
there is nothing to stop them.

What does America offer Europe, aside from the millions of dollars
it pays to buy off Europe's political leaders to insure that they
betray their own peoples? Nothing whatsoever.

The only military threat that Europe faces comes from being dragged
into America's wars for American hegemony.

The US is financially bankrupt, with budget and trade deficits that
exceed the combined deficits of the rest of the world together. The
dollar has wilted. The American consumer market is dying from the
offshoring of American jobs and, thereby, incomes, and from the
wealth effect of the real estate and derivatives collapses. The US
has nothing to offer Europe. Indeed, American economic decline is
killing European exports by driving up the value of the euro.

America long ago lost the moral high ground. Hypocrisy has become
America's best known hallmark. Bush, the invader of Afghanistan and
Iraq on the basis of lies and deception, thunders at Russia for
coming to the defense of its peacekeepers and Russian citizens in
South Ossetia. Bush, the vampire who ripped Kosovo out of Serbia's
heart and handed it to the Muslims, has taken an adamant stand
against other separatist movements, especially the South Ossetians
who wish to be part of the Russian Federation.

The neoconned Bush Regime is furious that the Russian bear was not
intimidated by the US supported aggression of the American puppet
state, Georgia. Instead of accepting the act of American hegemony
that the neocon script called for, Russia sent the Americanized
Georgian army fleeing in fear.

Having failed with weapons, the Bush Regime now unleashes the
rhetoric. The White House is warning Russia that failure to
acquiesce to US hegemony could have a "significant, long-term impact
on relations between Washington and Moscow."

Do the morons who comprise the Bush Regime really not understand
that short of a surprise nuclear attack on Russia there is nothing
whatsoever the US can do to Moscow?

The Bush Regime owns no Russian currency that it can dump. The
Russians own US dollars.

The Bush Regime owns no Russian bonds that it can dump. The Russians
own US bonds.

The US can cut Russia off from no energy supplies. Russia can cut
America's European allies off from energy.

President Reagan negotiated the end of the cold war with Soviet
President Gorbachev.,
The neoconservatives, whom Reagan fired and drove from his
administration, were furious. The neocons had hoped to win the cold
war, thereby establishing American hegemony.

The Republican Establishment reestablished its hegemony under Bush
1st that it had lost to Ronald Reagan. With this feat, intelligence
was driven from the Republican Party.

The neocons engineered their comeback with the First Gulf War and
their propaganda, pure lies, that Iraqi troops bayoneted Kuwait
babies in hospitals.

The neocons made a further comeback with President Clinton, whom
they convinced to bomb Serbia in order to permit separatist
movements to become independent states dependent on America.

With Bush 2nd, the neocons took over. Their agenda, American world
hegemony, includes Israeli hegemony in the Middle East.

So far the schemes of these ignorant and dangerous ideologues have
come a cropper. Iraq, formerly in the hands of secular Sunnis who
were a check on Iran, is, after the American invasion and
occupation, in the hands of religious Shi'ites allied with Iran.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban are resurgent, and a large NATO/US army
there is unable to control the situation.

One consequence of the neocons' Afghan war has been the loss of
power of the American puppet president of Pakistan, a Muslim country
armed with nuclear weapons. The puppet president now faces
impeachment, and the Pakistani military has informed the Americans
to stop conducting military operations in Pakistani territory.

The American puppets in Egypt and Jordan might be next to fall.

In Iraq, the Shi'ites, having completed their ethnic cleansing of
Sunnis from neighborhoods, have declared a cease fire in order to
contradict the US propaganda that American withdrawal would lead to
a blood bath. Negotiations on withdrawal dates are now underway
between the Americans and the Iraqi government, which is no longer
behaving like a puppet.

Last year Hugo Chavez ridiculed Bush before the UN. Russia's Putin
ridiculed Bush as Comrade Wolf.

On August 12, 2008, Pravda ridiculed Bush, "Bush: Why don't you shut

Americans may think they are a superpower before whose presence the
world trembles. But not the Russians.

Those Americans stupid enough to think that America's "superpower"
insures its citizens from danger need to read the total contempt
shown for President Bush in Pravada:

"President Bush,

Why don't you shut up? In your statement on Monday regarding the
legitimate actions of the Russian Federation in Georgia, you failed
to mention the war crimes perpetrated by Georgian military forces,
which American advisors support, against Russian and Ossetian

"President Bush,

Why don't you shut up? Your faithful ally, Mikhail Saakashvili, was
announcing a ceasefire deal while his troops, with your advisors,
were massing on Ossetia's border, which they crossed under cover of
night and destroyed Tskhinvali, targeting civilian structures just
like your forces did in Iraq.

"President Bush,

Why don't you shut up? Your American transport aircraft gave a ride
home to thousands of Georgian soldiers from Iraq directly into the
combat zone.

"President Bush,

Why don't you shut up? How do you account for the fact that among
the Georgian soldiers fleeing the fighting yesterday you could
clearly hear officers using American English giving orders to "Get
back inside" and how do you account for the fact that there are
reports of American soldiers among the Georgian casualties?

"President Bush,

Why don't you shut up? Do you really think anyone gives any
importance whatsoever to your words after 8 years of your criminal
and murderous regime and policies? Do you really believe you have
any moral ground whatsoever and do you really imagine there is a
single human being anywhere on this planet who does not stick up his
middle finger every time you appear on a TV screen?

Do you really believe you have the right to give any opinion or
advice after Abu Ghraib? After Guantanamo? After the massacre of
hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens? After the torture by CIA

Do you really believe you have any right to make a statement on any
point of international law after your trumped-up charges against
Iraq and the subsequent criminal invasion?

"President Bush,

Why don't you shut up? Suppose Russia for instance declares that
Georgia has weapons of mass destruction? And that Russia knows where
these WMD are, namely in Tblisi and Poti and north, south, east and
west of there? And that it must be true because there
is "magnificent foreign intelligence" such as satellite photos of
milk powder factories and baby cereals producing chemical weapons
and which are currently being "driven around the country in
vehicles"? Suppose Russia declares for instance that "Saakashvili
stiffed the world" and it is "time for regime change"?

Nice and simple, isn't it, President Bush?

"So, why don't you shut up? Oh and by the way, send some more of
your military advisors to Georgia, they are doing a sterling job.
And they look all funny down the night sight, all green."

The US is not a superpower. It is a bankrupt farce run by imbeciles
who were installed by stolen elections arranged by Karl Rove and
Diebold. It is a laughing stock, that ignorantly affronts and
attempts to bully an enormous country equipped with tens of
thousands of nuclear weapons.

A population that tolerates the insane Bush Regime and its criminal
neocon operatives has no claims to life on earth.

(Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during
President Reagan's first term. He was Associate Editor of the Wall
Street Journal. He has held numerous academic appointments,
including the William E. Simon Chair, Center for Strategic and
International Studies, Georgetown University, and Senior Research
Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University.)

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