Tuesday, June 03, 2008

United Farm Workers

Trek of Sorrow

A group of farmworker supporters march through Galt on Sunday during a pilgrimage from Lodi to the state Capitol in honor of Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez.

La Princesa Chicana de Las Uvas

The 17-year-old farmworker, who was two months pregnant, collapsed May 16 after toiling for more than eight hours in a hot agricultural field near Stockton and died two days later. The march, organized by the United Farm Workers, began with about 600 farmworkers joining members of Vasquez Jimenez's family and is to conclude Wednesday at the Capitol. Vasquez Jimenez's death has emerged as a symbol of the often-harsh working conditions that farmworkers face. Her case is being investigated by Cal-OSHA and the state attorney general's office.

United Farm Workers
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Here is more information, and a worthy organization to learn about.

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