Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Something Pleasant

La Virgen Chicana de Guadalupe
Christmas is such a varied time. So many countries and peoples all over the world. And for some, it is wonderful, and for some, it is terrible. So, Merry Christmas to those who do, and a merry day, if possible, to those who do not.

Christmas in Mexico, for me, is very special. A family holiday celebrated with presents for the children, and food for all. Here in my fishing village the fire works started a few days ago and kept excalating till last night at midnight, when the presents are opened. Loud fireworks, shaking the house and the sky. And the full moon and mars putting on a show too, all on a warm winter night. Ranchero music blasting from all directions, making all seem even happier. Voices and laughter and song coming from every house and yard until the night was thick with it. Christmas lights and outdoor fires for cooking the traditional tamales in huge pots. Beef, pork, rasin and pineapple types here, wrapped in corn husks. I couldnt sleep last night until well after midnight, too much excitement to not be caught by it.

One can easily see the ugly side of christmas, the Americanization of it, making it more a celebration to excess then anything else, but it is good to remember and realize, for many it is a special time thats fits in with a simple life and brings pleasure. There is beauty to life, even in times like we are in now. I just wish that all were in a position to feel it.

Here are several fun videos, just to add to a day that needs all the positive it can get

The Dog and the Wolf


The Vegtable Orchestra

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