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When you can determine the point of incongruity in an argument, it is analogous to finding a tiny pebble - which, if placed correctly, will enable one man to move a mountain - or one idea to change the world. Knowing exactly where to place the pebble, or finding the point of balance where the weight of an argument will determine the direction of thought, we can affect change with only the slightest use of force in relation to the magnitude of the problem.

About this video - Wally Wallington has demonstrated that he can lift a Stonehenge-sized pillar weighing 22,000 lbs and moved a barn over 300 ft. What makes this so special is that he does it using only himself, gravity, and his incredible ingenuity.

If you take six minutes to watch this video, you will see Wally demonstrate how he moves these gigantic blocks of stone without the aid of machinery. Using simple principles involving levers, gravity, buckets of sand, and his resourcefulness - he is able to manipulate these huge objects and replicate such monolithic structures as found at Stonehenge or in Egyptian style obelisks. In one segment he demonstrates his technique for moving a block of stone weighing over a ton by tilting it with wooden boards, and then placing a few pebbles underneath so he can rotate this massive object and thereby position it quite easily.

Aside from the simple genius of this man's method, I believe there is an important allegorical message inherent to this approach. When you can determine the point of incongruity in an argument, it is analogous to finding a tiny pebble - which, if placed correctly, will enable one man to move a mountain - or one idea to change the world. Knowing exactly where to place the pebble, or finding the point of balance where the weight of an argument will determine the direction of thought, we can affect change with only the slightest use of force in relation to the magnitude of the problem.

"Give me a lever long enough, and a place on which to rest it, and I will move the world" - Archimedes

Just as Wally has demonstrated so vividly in physical terms - as he could have brought in a huge piece of machinery to move such a block, or just a pebble placed at the right spot with just one man pushing a small load, thereby accomplishing the same task. The weight of the object or the severity of the problem is irrelevant - the most important elements being correct intellectual analysis and measurement, determining point of fulcrum and leverage, and application of minimal force to achieve the desired result.

History is replete with stories of people facing incredible odds, but succeeding in the end because of determination, belief in themselves and the righteousness of their cause - as well as the ability to place a small pebble of an idea correctly into the massive machinery of injustice. Today we are faced with audacious examples of the government's mendacity and outright disregard for human rights - so it is easy to find many spots to place our pebbles - here's one:

The entire National Security doctrine is predicated on the existence of Al Qaeda. The history of this organization is inexorably tied to the CIA since the Soviet-Afghan war - although we of course will never hear about any of these facts through the propaganda machine known as the mainstream media. The US intelligence community created Al Qaeda, nurtured it, and is now utilizing it as a central proposition for their "war on terror". Even among most of the dissenters of the current administration, the tendency to blame our protectors for security failures which allows terrorism to thrive is in itself a ruse - if you demonize the government for ineptitude you still buy into their myth and central premise as to the existence of Al Qaeda. Once you apprehend the basic fraudulence of the US government's claims about this mythical organization and their omnipresent threat to the world - the entire "war of terror" unravels and we can clearly see it as a system of lies, hatred and fear promulgated to benefit a small, malevolent group of psychopaths.

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed, and hence clamorous to be led to safety, by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." - H.L. Mencken

There is no Al Qaeda without the CIA, that's what makes it so horrendous as they torture people into confessing their ties to this organization, when in reality the ones doing the accusing are actually the terrorists in question. That's why the Department of Homeland Criminals is not a legitimate entity, they are no better than a bunch of mafia gangsters - correction, they are MUCH better than any organized crime syndicate because they have managed to establish themselves as part of government while most of us are transfixed on how well America can dance.

"The 'Criminalization of the State', is when war criminals legitimately occupy positions of authority, which enable them to decide 'who are the criminals', when in fact they are the criminals" - Michel Chossudovsky

How about another spot where we can place a pebble - one of the most obvious being the ludicrous and asinine statement, "we can't show you the evidence because it's a matter of National Security". Despite the many cameras at the Pentagon, we are only presented with 5 frames that show us absolutely nothing. Apparently it's a matter of "National Security" that we are not allowed to see an airplane that would support the government's claims. Anyone who went to trial and declared, "We have evidence, but we can't show it to you" would be laughed out of court. Let's think about it - what do you suppose would happen if we saw a video of a commercial airline slamming into the Pentagon - I guess most of us would grab a butcher knife and run down to City Hall while setting ourselves on fire. Exactly how is "National Security" compromised by citizens looking at any evidence in this case? Here's the answer - if they show us the videos we will all see that they are lying and there is no plane. It is their security that is in jeopardy here, not that of the nation. The same goes for suppressing the mountain of evidence for the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center towers in their bogus investigation. How about the many videos at the airport - they could shut us up in 2 seconds flat by showing just one video of the "terrorists" with the other passengers. There's the guy - see him, he's buying a double latte coffee and doing the crossword before getting on the plane. Oops, don't spill that hot drink onto your seat there, Mohamed, the frame on that vibrating recliner might crumble from the intense heat.

"History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transformation was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

There are many more points of leverage where we can place our allegorical pebbles - we just have to look at the giant brown stain on humanity known as the mainstream media for many glaring examples of intellectual inconsistency. Polls taken in the last few years show hundreds of millions of people who doubt the US government's fairy tale story about 9/11. How is this fact by itself not a major news item? The media's silence and complicity in this matter, and many others concerning 9/11, and the subsequent wars are a huge smoking gun. However, within the context of their role as a propaganda tool of this regime, it is no longer such a mystery. I still hear people naively ask, "If what you say about 9/11 is true, then why is it not all over the media?" The answer is simple. You are starting from the proposition that these networks which are owned by the same corporations that have military industrial ties, are somehow genuine and unbiased news entities that want to inform the public in an impartial way, while nothing could be further from the truth. The media's part in the cover-up is tantamount to a crime even greater than the one which occurred on 9/11 because it facilitates all the subsequent horrors based on a fallacious premise. It's one thing to be ignorant of the truth, but to be kept in the dark on purpose is an offense more egregious than all others.

The Parable of the Sheep

There was a magician who was also a shepherd. He had thousands of sheep to look after and he was a very miserly man, so he didn't want to pay anybody and he did not want his sheep to be lost or taken by the wolves. So he played a trick on the sheep. He hypnotized them and told every sheep, "You are not a sheep. Don't be afraid." To some he said, "You are a lion." To some he said, "You are tigers." To some he even said, "You are men. Nobody is going to kill you. Don't be afraid and don't try to escape from here."

The sheep started believing in his hypnosis. Every day he would butcher a few sheep but the others would think, "We are not sheep. He is butchering only sheep. We are lions, we are tigers, we are wolves, we are this and that...", even that they were men. And they believed it. It was always some sheep which was to be butchered. They remained aloof, distant. They were not worried. And by and by they were all slaughtered. - George Gurdjieff

Those people "over there" in Iraq and Afghanistan who get butchered today are no different than those unfortunate souls who were murdered on the day of 9/11, or anyone else whose life is sacrificed for the cause of war. It is a fact that every war serves to consolidate the assets of the ruling elite, this is as true today as when the New York and London bankers financed the Bolshevik Revolution or Hitler's Nazi party in WWII. It takes a long time and a huge amount of money to plan and wage a war - these folks want a return on their investment, and the common people are always the ones who end up paying through taxes and blood. I wish I could reach back through time and tell my ancestors not to pick up that gun, that all such conflicts are based on deceit and manipulation of both sides by a ruling class on top. If you stand there wearing a costume and holding a weapon, you might be hypnotized into believing these lofty ideals about duty, honour, justice and peace. The reality is that you are being used to kill others so a select few can grow rich and gain more power. If somebody took an automatic weapon and started murdering your neighbours you might kick up a fuss - but when it happens "over there" and they put on a uniform, then it's supposed to be okay. In fact, you should be proud on behalf of your country.

Until we wake up to the incongruity of thought in this situation we will play a vital role which enables its continuance. It is entirely possible to stop the machinery of war and change this path toward human destruction. The enormity of this task may seem daunting when you consider what it might take to move this gigantic block of oppression and injustice that is pressing down on our world, or it could be as easy as changing your mind and picking up a pebble.

"The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness" - Lao Tzu

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