Tuesday, September 05, 2006

User Log

There is a log of Forum posters. It was created as a management tool with original intent of holding its contents secure. However, It is derived entirely from publicly available information, characterizes Forum usage, and can be a user utility. It is now made available and linked here as well as on the Forum's lead post and left column.

The log lists names of all who have posted or commented in the Forum since its inception. Those are hyperlinked to posters' blogs or websites. The log can thus serve as an expanded user site link list.

Data for each user includes the date of their first post and up to the last five distinct days of any following. Each user's level of activity is summarized with a calculated maximum 100 index that can be loosely considered percentage of possible recent daily participation. Sorting differentiates at a glance the spread from recent regular participants to ones who long ago took a single shot and ran.

The log will probably be updated daily within a couple of hours after midnight UMT. Use as you choose whether seeking to better know this place, using as a link list, gauging progress in a no prize race to first clang the 100 gong, or just plain snooping.

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