Sunday, November 06, 2005


Every activist has heard "I agree with what you seek but not how you go about it" or "What you are doing will only lead to.....". Perhaps we ought to focus less on desired ends and devote more concern to comparing possible means.

Here are some means that might be chosen.

  1. armed struggle
  2. assassination
  3. sabotage
  4. riot
  5. targeted violent confrontation
  6. non violent civil disobedience
  7. organize
  8. picketing
  9. marches
  10. vigils
  11. tatoo a political statement
  12. wear a political T-shirt
  13. graffitti
  14. boycott
  15. write letters to the editor
  16. write to government officials
  17. privately message those in opposition
  18. privately message those in agreement
  19. publish anonymous opinions
  20. donate to work of others
  21. vote
  22. pray to some god
  23. wish
  24. wait and see what happens
  25. party while one can

Here are some criteria that could to help guide the choice.

  1. which stands a better chance of getting the job done
  2. which would enhance the lives of the most people
  3. which would cause the least harm to the most people
  4. which entails the least risk to oneself
  5. which would detract least from current comfort
  6. which would cause popular labelling
  7. which would cause unpopular labelling
  8. which would cause loss of friends
  9. which would be easiest
Here is some study to better prepare making the choice.
  1. history and current events

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